The Tess Couture Story

We are a boutique brand inspired by up to date fashion - concerned with what women really want to wear-how they want to look and feel in their clothes.





We try our best to meet the ready to wear ''Almost' tailor made fashion niche 

With garments that are easy to alter.


We are all slightly different shapes and sizes - all individual and unique.


Our clothes should take us in where we need it. And offer silhouettes to complement our shapes.


Inspired by the former Gold Coast - that now is Ghana TCLONDON hail from a vast rich and bright culture that you can see influenced in our garments.


We hope you like our latest collection-Safari - in stores May 016


TCLondon  is a family business run by 2 sisters inspired by their seamstress mother who is a firm believer in well made clothes.


Often as children our mother would always tell us I can make that better - when we bought clothes from retail stores.


She would always put her own spin on it saying - it has to be unique


Her favorite catch phrase is - it doesn't fit well.


Our mother is the patron of the company without her all the beautiful designs and well made almost custom fitted clothing would not have come to life.


We thank her for her contribution and the success that our business now is.